Monogram Logo of Andreas Weygandt Monogram Logo of Andreas Weygandt with name - Website - Made by inisialdesign (c) 2020 Andreas Weygandt -

Andreas Weygandt Website Logo

Monogram made by inisialdesign

Steps from the draft to the final version of the logo

Logo Specification

The logo would consist of a monogram that is a 'W' where there is a stroke in the middle so it's a combination of an 'A' and 'W' and my name 'Andreas Weygandt'.
A und W in einem Buchstaben


inisialdesign did an outstanding job!

Worked all through the night. Sent me seven sketches to chose, each was brilliant. So it was really hard to chose which concept is the right for my website.

Never seen such commitment paired with talent and skill.

My expectations were far exceeded!

inisialdesign Inisial Design

Achmad Ulil Abshor

Instagram: @inisialcreative
Whatsapp: +6289652219089

Variations / Samples

Original Andreas Weygandt Logo golden monochrome print logo gold monochrome print logo black monochrome print logo white AW logo no text Andreas Weygandt Hoodie zweifarbig Andreas Weygandt Poloshirt AW logo no text MI 9 SE AW logo no text PNG AW Logo EPS File AW Logo EPS File AW Logo PDF File