AW_Siam faux Thai Font

THAI simulation font = THAI looking English font

THAILAND-Style font. SIAMESE look-alike free faux THAI FONT with English (Latin) characters: "AW_Siam English not Thai"

Thai (Siamese) look-alike font with English (Latin) characters: "AW_Siam English not Thai" Thai simulation font - Thai looking English font

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy old dogabc... ABC...

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I saw a sign in the movie street fighter (van Damme) that looked like written with a typical THAI FONT (แบบอักษรไทย) but when I had a closer look, the signs were written in English (Latin) characters. That was exactly what I needed for my Thai ladies personals website. No one had it so I made it.
And this is it. I guess I'd have to class this as an unfinished version as some characters should have a lot more attention but for now I was more interested in some of the other stuff.

Thanks to Jos Flachs in Bangkok for his expert suggestions. Without him, the font would be half as good.
Cheers to Aleksey Kuritsin for designing the Russian letters and the numbers.


Andreas Weygandt



Tell me and I'll try and fix it


Thais can't read it ;-)


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This font is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License.
This license is acceptable for Free Cultural Works.
Renaming, rebranding or selling this font is not permitted and considered unfair use. You may convert the font for systems like OTF, Mac, Linux, OS/2... as long as you send me a copy. 
The font is provided as is. The author takes no responsibility for any damage that is done to your system thru it's use. It works fine for me! If it doesn't for you, it ain't my fault! No copyright infringement is intended.
If you like and use it, send me an email to: and show me what you made with the AW_Siam Thaifont.
Sounds impressive doesn't it? Well it was! (Hey I was impressed at the time)

Deutsche Seite der thailändisch aussehenden Schrift AW_Siam